Magnesium Compounds and Chemicals: Global Industry Markets & Outlook, 12th edition 2013
  • Published Date: 30/09/2013
  • Content: 498 pages, 310 tables and 102 figures.
  • ISBN: 978 0 86214 597 2


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Magnesium Compounds and Chemicals: Global Industry Markets & Outlook, 12th edition 2013

Roskill's 12th report on Magnesium Compounds and Chemicals has been published.

A potential sea-change in magnesia supply is on the horizon. China, the world’s largest producer, is undergoing a modernisation plan that will eliminate much of its older technology and excess capacity. Simultaneously, the international market is reducing its dependence on Chinese exports. New projects in the rest of the world could add up to 1.8Mtpy of all types of magnesia capacity between 2011 and 2015 – up to 500,000tpy of which has already come online.

This latest report from Roskill covers the whole magnesia industry – speciality/industrial grades, caustic calcined magnesia (CCM), dead burned magnesia (DBM) and fused magnesia (FM).

Mag compounds_China production and trade in refractories_001

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  • What are the scenarios for Chinese magnesia production in the coming years?
  • Where could new supply be located?
  • Which end-use markets are likely to drive future magnesia demand?


1. Summary

2. Occurrence and properties of magnesium raw materials

3. Processing of dolomite, magnesite and magnesia

4. Processes for production of magnesium chemicals

5. World production of magnesiumcompounds

6. Production of magnesiumcompounds by country and company

7. World trade in calcined dolomite, magnesite and magnesia

8. Uses of magnesium compounds and chemicals

9. World consumption of dolomite, magnesia, olivine and brucite

10. Use of magnesium compounds in refractories

11. Use of magnesium compounds in building and construction

12. Use of magnesium compounds in glass

13. Use of magnesium compounds in agriculture

14. Use of magnesium compounds in water treatment

15. Use of magnesium compounds in flue gas desulphurisation

16. Use of magnesium compounds in iron ore processing

17. Use of magnesium compounds in flame retardants

18. Use of magnesia in heating elements

19. Use of magnesium compounds in magnesium metal

20. Use of magnesium compounds in food, pharmaceuticals, toothpastes and cosmetics

21. Use of magnesium compounds in pulp and paper

22. Use of magnesium compounds in nickel processing

23. Other uses for magnesiumcompounds

24. Prices of magnesium compounds