Graphite: Eagle Graphite to receive grant for production of Si-graphite battery anode material

The Canadian natural graphite producer Eagle Graphite has been chosen to receive a C$0.29M (US$0.22M) grant from British Columbia’s Advanced Research and Commercialization programme for Clean Energy Vehicles. Eagle Graphite plans a two-year scheme to develop and commercialise silicon-modified graphite material for use in the anodes of lithium-ion batteries. The… Read more

Chromium: Glencore to include additional power generation at its Lydenburg smelter

Glencore has signed an agreement with Swedish Stirling to install 25 power generation units, each containing 14 Stirling engines that deliver 400kW per unit. These external combustion engines will take residual gas from Glencore’s Lydenburg smelter in the eastern Bushveld to supply nearly 10MW to the ferrochrome smelter. Roskill View… Read more

Environmental policy to have fundamental impact on graphite industry

Our analyst Sue Shaw met with Andrew Scott to discuss the 10-year outlook for the graphite industry. “Environmental impacts will be significant and they’ve already caused shortages in both natural and synthetic #graphite over the last decade. Lithium-ion batteries will drive significant consumption growth in both the natural and synthetic… Watch now

Jonathan Barnes warns of looming shortage of copper projects with demand set to rise

“By the time we get out to 2035 three quarters of total #copper use is going to be in Asia” Analyst Jonathan Barnes speaking to Andrew Scott of proactive investors ahead of our upcoming Copper: Demand to 2035 report ”Asia is where 60-70% of the total demand is coming from… Watch now

Lithium producers looking to ‘maximise the value-add’ in the supply chain

Ahead of the upcoming publication of our report, lithium: Outlook to 2028 16th Edition, analysts David Merriman and Jose Lazuen de Zuloaga share their views with Andrew Scott of Proactiveinvestors United Kingdom on the outlook for lithium and electric vehicles. ”Producers are now looking to maximise the value-add in the… Watch now

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Outlook to 2028, 16th Edition

Rapid developments in the lithium industry have continued into 2018, as lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies consumed in a range of end-uses drive demand growth and new operations provide additional raw material supplies.

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Outlook to 2029, 15th Edition

Cobalt is mostly mined as a by-product of copper or nickel with the copper-cobalt sulphide deposits of the Central African Copper belt being the principal source. The DRC dominates global mine production and accounted for roughly 60% of global supply in 2015.

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Natural & Synthetic GraphiteNew

Outlook to 2028, 12th Edition

Graphite prices remain high as supply-side shortages combine with growing battery and electrode demand. High flake graphite prices spur new development outside of China Despite some downwards re-adjustment towards the end of 2018, graphite prices remain high, with February prices for 94-97%C fine, medium and large size flake still 17%,… Read more

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Lithium-ion BatteriesNew

Outlook to 2028, 3rd Edition

The supply of the raw and refined materials needed for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries is becoming as strategic as oil supplies changing the landscape for the automotive, energy and electronics industries and their supply chains globally Battery growth Lithium-ion batteries have become the dominant battery technology in major markets,… Read more

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