Suzanne and Kerry

Graphite demand ‘about to enter a period of rapid growth and improving prices’

Roskill’s Kerry Satterthwaite and Suzanne Shaw discuss with Proactive Investors their new Natural & Synthetic Graphite Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018 report. They say rapid growth in demand for natural flake graphite and synthetic graphite in the lithium-ion battery industry is now forecast to underpin total graphite demand growth… Watch now

Jose and David

Lithium miners and processors likely to enjoy a very strong market by 2027

Jose Lazuen and David Merriman from Roskill spoke to Proactive Investors following the publication of their 2018 Lithium market outlook report. “We expect the market for refined lithium products, particularly those battery-grade products, to remain very tight and likely to enter a deficit towards the end of our ten year… Watch now

Chromium to see ‘continued robust demand growth’ on a global level

South Africa is the largest supplier of Chrome ore in the world and has supplied an extra 2 million tonnes into the market in 2017 in response to a surge in prices at the beginning of last year. This has impacted the price of chrome in 2018 but is expected… Watch now

US/China trade: Industrial minerals on tariff target list

In the latest announcement from the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), industrial minerals have been targeted for a 10% ad valorem duty on imports from China. This action is an escalation of the original U$34Bn action and a proposed $16Bn action announced on 20 June. In total,… Read more

electric vehicle

Electric vehicles: China plans further subsidy reductions

Chinese central government is considering a further reduction in electric vehicle (EV) subsidies for 2019 in a push to stop the reliance of domestic automakers on EV subsidies and to improve their cost-competitiveness. In future, the average purchase incentive may decrease by more than one third from 2018 levels. The… Read more

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Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018

Cobalt is mostly mined as a by-product of copper or nickel with the copper-cobalt sulphide deposits of the Central African Copper belt being the principal source. The DRC dominates global mine production and accounted for roughly 60% of global supply in 2015.

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Lithium-ion Batteries

Market Development & Raw Materials 2018

“Growth in Li-ion battery demand will require fundamental changes to battery raw material industries.” Report includes: Analysis report with forecasts to 2027 Access to the report online through Roskill Interactive for up to 5 users Further background data available on request Hard copy of the report on request Access to… Read more

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Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018

Rapid developments in the lithium industry have continued into 2018, as lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies consumed in a range of end-uses drive demand growth and new operations provide additional raw material supplies.

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Titanium MetalPre-order

Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018

Global titanium sponge capacity peaked in 2013 at over 330ktpy following significant investment in China fuelled by a boom in demand for industrial applications. Oversupply and weakening demand led to falling prices and capacity closures in 2013–16. Capacity has recovered sharply in later years following the opening of new plants… Read more

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