Steel alloys: Dichotomy between China and ROW crude steel production

Global crude steel production showed a 7% y-o-y decline in June with the de-synchronisation between China and the rest of the world widening. In June, Chinese crude steel production rose 4.5% y-o-y while the world ex-China posted a 21% y-o-y drop. For the first half of 2020, respective changes were… Read more

Roskill White Paper: East Asian battery giants fight for electrification of water transport

Since 2019, China, Japan and South Korea have started to speed up the electrification of water transportation in an on-going effort to improve their transport systems and reduce dependency on fossil fuel vehicles. In 2020, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the electrification of vessels has not shown any… Read more

Automotive: Electric vehicle sales to accelerate following coronavirus pandemic

Senior Analyst Jose Lazuen tackles some of the key questions facing the EV market from Proactive London’s Andrew Scott: What impact is  the Covid-19 pandemic expected to have on the EV industry this year? Why has the Tesla share price skyrocketed recently? Roskill recently published a paper on LFP Cathode… Watch now

Lithium Mine to Market Conference 2020

Lithium: key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference

February saw delegates join Roskill’s lithium team once again in sunny Perth for an engaging two days of conference. A host of speakers discussed topics from across the lithium supply chain; from the tenacity of new miners, the progress of project developers, along with a host of technical papers on… Watch now

David Merriman

Rare Earths: What alternatives are there to Chinese supply for the global industry?

China accounts for around 77% of global rare earth production. Production at operations outside of China is limited to a small number of locations although there are multiple projects under development in Australia, Canada, the USA and Africa. David gives a brief overview of some of the key questions facing… Watch now

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Outlook to 2030, 17th Edition

Rapid developments in the lithium industry have continued into 2018, as lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies consumed in a range of end-uses drive demand growth and new operations provide additional raw material supplies.

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Nickel SulphateNew

Outlook to 2029, 3rd Edition

Nickel use in batteries presently accounts for no more than 3–4% of total nickel demand. Demand for battery-grade nickel is, however, expected to boom over the coming decade as the result of the use of nickel in lithium-ion cathode materials used in electric vehicles (EVs).

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Outlook to 2029, 14th Edition

China has for several decades been the world’s largest mine and refined producer of tungsten, accounting for just over 80% of mine output in 2019, according to Roskill analysis, or some 61kt of contained tungsten metal. It is similarly dominant in the production of the tungsten intermediates ammonium paratungstate (APT)… Read more

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Silicon & Ferrosilicon

Outlook to 2029, 17th Edition

Silicon metal and ferrosilicon are very similar with regard to production process and the geography of world output, but are very different in terms of their applications. Silicon metal is used in the manufacture of aluminium alloys, silicones, semiconductors and, increasingly, in photovoltaic solar applications.

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