China Salt Association

Salt: Chinese salt production hits record highs as reforms introduced

China is in a very strong position as both a producer and major importer of salt reported Chairman Mao Quingguo of the China Salt Association, as he opened the keynote session at Roskill’s Salt Asia conference in Hong Kong. The Chinese salt industry is showing strong growth, and 2017 saw… Read more

Automotive: Could China cut taxes on US-made cars?

On December 1, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump held high-stakes trade talks in Buenos Aires, Argentina after the G20 Summit. The leaders of the world’s two largest economies agreed to a 90-day timeline and road map to negotiate a further trade deal. If the two parties… Read more

Jonathan Barnes

China controls copper markets with change in scrap regulations

Roskill’s associate Copper analyst Jonathan Barnes talks Proactive London through the US/China ‘tit-for-tat’ trade tariffs and the chances of a partial resolution, which fundamentals in the copper market indicate could be on the cards. New regulations in China (in terms of the quality of imported metals the Chinese government will… Watch now

Fluorspar prices hit seven-year highs

Roskill fluorspar manager Kerry Satterthwaite speaks to Proactive Investors about the market fundamentals for fluorspar. Chinese supply disruptions in 2018 have turned the world supply/demand balance for acidspar upside down.

Sue Tantalum

Tantalum: Roskill talks to Proactive Investors about market trends for the next decade

Suzanne Shaw, senior analyst at Roskill, explores the future for tantalum with Proactive Investors with particular focus on changes in demand growth, new low-cost supply ramping up in Australia, and the possible shift from current African artisanal production to more sustainable Australian lithium by-product. Meanwhile, prices continue to fall but… Watch now

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Global Industry, Markets & Outlook 2018

Cobalt is mostly mined as a by-product of copper or nickel with the copper-cobalt sulphide deposits of the Central African Copper belt being the principal source. The DRC dominates global mine production and accounted for roughly 60% of global supply in 2015.

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Lithium-ion Batteries

Market Development & Raw Materials 2018

“Growth in Li-ion battery demand will require fundamental changes to battery raw material industries.” Report includes: Analysis report with forecasts to 2027 Access to the report online through Roskill Interactive for up to 5 users Further background data available on request Hard copy of the report on request Access to… Read more

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Cost Model Service

Demand for lithium continues to accelerate, fuelled by the growth in portable consumer electronics and more recently Li-ion battery use in automotive applications; even in it’s infancy, automotive accounted for nearly 50% of Li-ion battery output in 2016. Furthermore, with China at the forefront of this drive in vehicle electrification,… Read more

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Global Industry, Markets & Outlook

The Tantalum Report includes: Analysis report with forecasts to 2027 Further background data available on request Hard copy and electronic PDF of the report Access to the analysts for discussion around report content Quarterly updates The pattern of tantalum supply is expected to change rapidly and dramatically. In 2017, Africa… Read more

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