The Team

The Team

  • Robert Baylis BSc MSc FGS ProfGradIMMM

    Robert Baylis BSc MSc FGS ProfGradIMMM

    Managing Director

    Robert has 12 years’ experience in metal and mineral market economics. He graduated in 2003 having undertaken a BSc in Geological Sciences and an MSc in Mineral Project Appraisal at Oxford Brookes and Imperial College universities. Robert worked as an environmental consultant before joining Roskill in 2006. Robert is an authoritative voice on the global lithium and tungsten markets, having contributed to multi-client and consultancy projects on the former for 10 years. He has been Managing Director of Roskill since January 2012, and was previously manager of the industrial minerals and minor metals divisions. Robert’s past research, consulting and managerial experience provides him with extensive subject knowledge across Roskill’s products and services.

  • Alison Saxby B Eng (Hons) MIMMM

    Alison Saxby B Eng (Hons) MIMMM

    Director & Manager

    Alison Saxby has 30 years’ experience of researching industrial mineral markets and supply developments. She graduated from Leeds University with a B.Eng (Hons) and is a Member of the IMMM. Alison worked on the leading trade publication, Industrial Minerals, and in business development for large mineral trading and processing company, as well as operating as an independent consultant for ten years.

    Alison is now a Director of Roskill Information Ltd and Manager of Industrial Minerals Reseach. She has edited and written reports, features and articles on many aspects of the industry such as bauxite & alumina, zircon, fluorspar, and magnesia, as well as end-use industries including refractories, ceramics, pigments, fertilisers and cement. Alison has also undertaken many market research consultancy studies for leading corporate clients including vendor due diligence involving talc and magnesia, and recently market studies on fluorspar, graphite, iodine, potassium salts and zirconia. She is a regular speaker at international conferences on various aspects of the industry minerals industry.

  • Dr Thomas Höhne-Sparborth

    Dr Thomas Höhne-Sparborth

    Director, Economics & Analytics

    Thomas joined Roskill in 2012 with a background in international economics. Thomas manages Roskill’s economic analysis, including the development of forecasting models for prices and end use in sectors such as automotive and energy. In 2018, Thomas completed a doctoral degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science, specialising in socio-economic analysis and the impact of political and security risk on economic growth and development. In the same year, he was a finalist in the prestigious US$5M New Shape Prize through his proposal of a new mechanism to ensure broader private sector engagement on global challenges such as climate change and artificial intelligence. He now leads Roskill’s analysis of the socio-economic impact of metals and mining industries, and is a specialist and regular keynote speaker on global megatrends, including automotive electrification, renewable energy, energy storage, and the circular economy.

  • Kerry Satterthwaite BSc PG Dip

    Kerry Satterthwaite BSc PG Dip

    Division Manager - Industrial Minerals & Carbon & Chemicals

    Kerry has 30 years’ experience in analysing a wide range of industrial minerals and metals markets and has written more than 30 Roskill reports. She graduated in 1987 with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from King’s College, London University and her postgraduate degree in Pollution Chemistry is from Liverpool University.

    She began her career with Roskill in 1987 before moving to Europe’s largest downstream petrochemicals consultancy, where she specialised in plastics industry research. She returned to Roskill in 2011 and was promoted to Manager – Carbon & Chemicals in 2013. In addition to managing Roskill’s carbon and chemicals division, Kerry is a recognised authority in the global downstream petrochemicals industries. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and has been quoted in the Financial Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times and in a range of industry publications.

  • Jack Bedder BA (Hons) MA PhD Candidate GradIMMM

    Jack Bedder BA (Hons) MA PhD Candidate GradIMMM

    Division Manager – Roskill Pariser Steel Alloys

    Jack graduated from University College London in 2008 with an MA in Political Science. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge where his research explores the processes and behaviours that shape critical materials supply chains with a focus on the cobalt sector.

    Jack worked as an economist before joining Roskill in 2012. He manages the Roskill Pariser Steel Alloys team and is, thus, responsible for Roskill’s bulk alloys, noble alloys and stainless steel and alloys research. He also leads Roskill’s antimony and cobalt research and is a regular speaker on steel alloys and battery raw materials markets at international conferences.

  • Jessica Roberts MGeol

    Jessica Roberts MGeol

    Division Manager – Battery & Technology Materials

    Jessica has 10 years’ experience in minerals and metals research. She graduated from the University of Leicester in 2008 with a Master’s degree in Geology. In mid-2008 she joined the leading trade publication Industrial Minerals, where she specialised in fluorspar and refractory minerals research, later joining Roskill in 2012. Jessica manages Roskill’s Battery & Technology Materials research, and is the author of Roskill’s latest reports on titanium metal, tungsten, fluorspar, zirconium, and non-metallurgical bauxite and alumina. In addition to multi-client reports, she has worked on a range of bespoke consultancy studies covering tungsten, magnesia, high-purity graphite, lithium hydroxide, feldspar, hydrogen fluoride, and zircon and zirconia. She has spoken at a number of international conferences on raw materials and markets, including refractories and titanium.

  • Patrick Stratton BA (Hons) DESEM DipM

    Patrick Stratton BA (Hons) DESEM DipM

    Principal Consultant

    Patrick has 30 years’ experience in analysing a wide range of industrial minerals and metals markets and has undertaken research fieldwork in nearly 30 countries. He graduated in 1986 with a BA in European Business Administration and a Diplôme d’Études Supérieures Européennes de Management (Middlesex Business School, London, and École Supérieure de Commerce, Reims, France). He began his career with Roskill in 1986 before moving to a large engineering consultancy, where he specialised in steel industry research, and then to the Canadian Embassy in London, where he worked as a trade and investment officer. He returned to Roskill in 2002 and was appointed Director in 2010. Patrick is a recognised authority in the global tantalum and niobium industries and has been the author of several editions of the Roskill reports on both commodities, in addition to being the lead on many consulting projects. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and a reference point for industry journalists. He is based in Québec, Canada, which facilitates research and client contact in North America.

  • David Merriman BSc MSc FGS

    David Merriman BSc MSc FGS

    Deputy Division Manager – Battery & Technology Materials

    David graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Geology before completing an MSc in Mining Geology at the Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter). Prior to joining Roskill, he has worked as an exploration geologist on precious metal and rare earth element projects in South America and Africa.

    Since joining Roskill in 2011, David has focused on the supply of rare earth elements, lithium and molybdenum to the global market, undertaking multiple bespoke consultancy projects and contributing to Roskill’s Market Outlook reports. He has also presented at various conferences in Europe, Asia and North America on the rare earth elements and lithium markets.

  • David McNeill BSc

    David McNeill BSc

    Senior Analyst

    David has been analysing metal and industrial mineral markets for over two decades since joining Roskill in 1994. He has written many of the company’s multi-client reports but in more recent years has specialised in those dealing with industrial minerals. In particular, he has concentrated on those minerals used in the paper (calcium carbonate and kaolin), refractory (magnesia and zircon), chemical (iodine and soda ash) and glass (boron) industries. David has also contributed to a wide range of consultancy projects, including due diligence reports on magnesia and talc, and market studies on various aspects of the boron, talc and calcium carbonate markets.

  • Suzanne Shaw MSci

    Suzanne Shaw MSci

    Senior Analyst

    Suzanne graduated with an MSci in Geoscience from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2006 and joined Roskill in 2007. She specialises in analysis of rare earths, natural graphite and bentonite and is the author of numerous Roskill reports on these industries. Suzanne developed and maintains supply/demand models for rare earths, natural and synthetic graphite and for bentonite. As part of the consultancy team, her project experience includes supply/demand and price forecasts for junior mining companies, investment houses and traders, rare earth market assessments for listing documents and private ventures, research into applications for high-purity graphite and an assessment of the bentonite industry supply chain. Suzanne has spoken at a number of industry conferences worldwide on rare earth demand, the future of permanent magnets, trends in the EV/HEV industry and the use of bentonite in oil well drilling.

  • Nils Backeberg BSc (Hons) MSc PhD

    Nils Backeberg BSc (Hons) MSc PhD

    Senior Analyst

    Nils joined Roskill in 2017 and specialises in permanent magnet motors, rare earths, antimony and chromium markets. He is a regular speaker at academic and industry conferences and has published several peer-reviewed articles, including a publication in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

    Nils graduated from McGill University with a PhD in geology and ore deposits before working as a post-doctoral researcher at University College London on a Horizon 2020 EU energy project. He comes from South Africa, where he completed his BSc (Honours) and MSc at the University of Cape Town. Nils combines his academic background with industry experience in rare earths, gold and geothermal exploration and consultation.

  • Olivier Masson

    Olivier Masson

    Senior Analyst

    Olivier graduated from London’s City University Business School in 1995 with a BSc in Banking and International Finance.

    Prior to joining Roskill, Olivier has managed the European strategic research team for a major financial information provider’s corporate services group.  He subsequently joined commodities analysis and consultancy group CRU in 2008 where he covered various markets such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel and spoke regularly at conferences.

    Olivier joined Roskill in 2017 and focusses on the analysis of stainless steel and ferroalloys.

  • Nessa Zhang MSc

    Nessa Zhang MSc

    Senior Analyst

    Nessa Zhang graduated from Aston University with an MSc in Operational Research and Management Studies.

    Prior to joining Roskill, she worked in an energy investment company for 5 years, where she covered a variety of specialised markets including coal mining, crude oil, and natural gas.

    Since joining Roskill in 2017, Nessa has focused on the markets for lithium-ion batteries and cobalt, and has contributed to all major China-focused research and analysis.

  • Jose Lazuen BBA LL.B

    Jose Lazuen BBA LL.B

    Analyst – Electric Vehicles, Battery and Supply Chain

    Jose Lazuen is responsible for Roskill’s electric vehicle, battery and downstream supply chain market analysis. Jose joined Roskill in 2017 having previously been involved in electric vehicle and real estate market analysis. In 2016 and 2017, Jose worked for SATIF Partners, a venture capital firm focussed on electric vehicle technology and infrastructure investment. At SATIF, he undertook research and analysis of markets and start-ups. Jose has a Double Bachelor of Business Administration and Law from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

  • Oliver Heathman BSc MSc

    Oliver Heathman BSc MSc

    Division Manager – Mining Research & Cost Modelling

    Oliver has more than eight years’ experience within the metals and mining market, and currently manages Roskill’s Mining Research division. He holds a BSc in Geology from the University of Bristol and a first-class MSc in Mining Geology from Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter).

    Prior to joining Roskill, Oliver was a founding member of Metals Focus, where he also headed up the company’s mining, cost and producer hedging research. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and events.

  • Richard Pell

    Richard Pell

    Sales Manager

    With over 40 years’ experience in mining, engineering and sales and qualified in Mining engineering, Richard has specialised in International sales with the emphasis in recent years being on the Asian markets.

    He has over 10 years’ experience managing, developing and building the client base and developing client relationships in the research and consultancy sector. Working across a broad range of markets including producers, financial institutions and government agencies, Richard manages the sales and marketing teams at Roskill as well as developing and implementing strategy for both.


  • George Coles BSc

    George Coles BSc

    Business Development Manager – Europe, Russia & Scandinavia

    George graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in Business Economics. Prior to joining Roskill, he worked in the precious metals sector for over 10 years. His initial focus was on the mining side of the industry before later moving into a more sales-orientated role.

    Since joining Roskill in 2017, George has focused on the developing the company’s European business.

  • Marcio Goto

    Marcio Goto

    Regional Manager, Latin America & Caribbean

    With over 30 years’ experience in mining and metals companies, engineering, consultancy and sales, and qualified in Mining Engineering, with a MBA (FIA Brazil), and specialization courses in France and in Japan, Marcio represents Roskill in Latin America and Caribbean region (including Mexico and Brazil).

    He has over 10 years’ experience managing, developing and building the client base and developing client relationships in the research and consultancy sector. Working across a broad range of markets including producers, “consumers”, service providers, financial institutions and government agencies in Latin America, Marcio manages business development, support to customers and facilitate contacts from analysts at Roskill in the region.

    Marcio is based out of Roskill’s São Paulo office in Brazil, and is fluent in Portuguese and in Spanish.

  • Christine Duggan BA

    Christine Duggan BA

    Sales Administrator

    Christine may well be your first point of contact with Roskill. She will help you with your inquiries, send you more information if you need it, and take your order. Christine is the main person behind Roskill’s international reputation for fast, efficient service.

  • Thomas Drummond BSc (Hons)

    Thomas Drummond BSc (Hons)

    Trade & Statistical Analyst

    Thomas works alongside the Roskill team in a variety of roles, but primarily compiles appendices of international trade data for reports, tracks commodity prices and obtains raw data for the analysis of end-use applications. He helps to manage a comprehensive database of information, archiving data to Roskill’s in-house document management system, in order to keep analysts and consultants up-to-date with current information and trends. Tommy also works beside Christine to process sales and ensure the timely dispatch of reports to clients.

  • Trevor Williams BA DipLib MA

    Trevor Williams BA DipLib MA

    Librarian and Information Officer

    Trevor is responsible for the company’s information requirements both in paper and electronic formats, including the maintenance and content of the company’s extranet. He works closely with the company’s analysts and consultants to meet their information requirements and is the editor of Roskill’s Lithium Digest.

  • Irmtraud Berger

    Irmtraud Berger

    Senior Data Analyst

    Together with Michaela, Irmi is responsible for much of the data collection for Roskill’s regular products, including the Stainless Steel & Alloys Weekly, involving the collection of data direct from producers, consumers and other sources of industry information. She has also been involved in a number of research and consulting projects, including in South Africa.

  • Michaela Lamers

    Michaela Lamers

    Senior Data Analyst

    Michaela works closely with Irmi focusing on market research and data analysis, including on stainless steel and nickel-base alloys. She has worked in these fields since 1991 and has tracked the evolution of trends in these markets for more than two decades. She has played a key role in the collection of data for numerous consulting projects covering a wide variety of topics.


  • Judith Chegwidden BSc MIMMM FRSA

    Judith Chegwidden BSc MIMMM FRSA

    Associate Consultant

    Judith has over 40 years’ experience in analysing minerals and metals markets. Recent projects have involved due diligence on the market for a filler mineral, a market study and price forecast for molybdenum, a detailed review of the market for a chemical mineral in China, preparation of several industry reports on rare earths for feasibility studies, a strategic review of titanium sponge supply, due diligence on the market for specialist minor metals, a global overview of the vanadium pentoxide market with particular reference to new markets, an in-depth review of Chinese rare earth production, a review of markets for low cost titanium for a major mining company and a project to identify the US market for the by-products of flue gas desulphurisation. She has also written and edited reports on chromium, silicon and the noble alloys.

  • Peter Huxtable MA(Cantab), CEng, FIMMM, FIQ

    Peter Huxtable MA(Cantab), CEng, FIMMM, FIQ

    Associate Consultant

    Peter has over 40 years’ experience mostly at the sharp end of the minerals industry. He is a metallurgist who started in the steel industry prior to his degree at Cambridge University. He held senior positions with Anglo American on the Zambian Copperbelt, and at Glebe Mines operations in the Derbyshire Peak District. He has been an independent consultant since 2000.

    He is a recognised international expert on fluorspar. He produced the Financial Times review in 2000, authored the Mining Journal Annual review for several years; and has worked on the last three revisions and updates of the Roskill Market Reports. Peter also worked on the 2006 Roskill barytes update and the current 2015 revision.

    His business interests include British Aggregates Association, The Barytes Association, Mining Association of the UK, Ecton Mine Educational Trust and Amemptos Music. He is a member of the CBI Minerals Group and the UK National Minerals Forum.

  • Jonathan Barnes

    Jonathan Barnes

    Associate Consultant, Copper

    Jonathan is a dedicated industry expert with over 25 years’ worth of experience of research and analysis in the copper market through CRU, Wood Mackenzie and as an independent analyst he has have built up a detailed knowledge and established contacts in the wire rod, brass mills, scrap, and wire & cable businesses. Throughout his career he has been motivated to research and publish accurate business reports, with rigorous attention to detail. These are based on fieldwork and statistical data analysis, interpretation and original thought to explain complex issues in an easily understandable format to provide conclusions and recommendations for senior industry executives. He has developed a genuine passion for investigating the copper industry and understanding the importance of the many forces that are driving the business and shaping its future. Most recently he spoke at the IWCC Joint Meeting in Kuala Lumpur and he will next be presenting at the International Copper Forum in Tongling, China. He has travelled widely through China, ASEAN, India and the Middle East to visit the industry to understand and learn about growth prospects in these rapidly industrialising, yet poorly documented fast developing markets for copper.