Chromium: Jinan Corporation expanding operations in Zimbabwe

Chinese Jinan Corporation operates ferrochrome smelting plants in Gweru, Zimbabwe. The company, which operates two subsidiaries in Zimbabwe, plans to commission a sixth furnace in Q4 2019 which will produce low-carbon ferrochrome. Jinan Corporation has also secured funding from the Chinese government for four additional furnaces to expand its Zimbabwean… Read more

Fluorspar: Jiangsu Province shutting nine chemical parks

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation reports that the government of Jiangsu Province has given the go-ahead for a huge wave of modernisation in the Chinese chemical and petrochemical industry. The Department of Implementation and Modernization of Environment and Security of the Provincial Government of Jiangsu has published a notice… Read more

Graphite: MRC of Australia completes purchase of Norway’s Skaland Graphite

Mineral Commodities (MRC) finalised its acquisition of Skaland Graphite earlier this month, taking full control on 4 October. MRC hopes to increase concentrate quality and, later, to increase production volumes. It has long-term plans to produce downstream, processed graphite products for use in lithium-ion battery anodes. MRC claims Skaland to… Read more

Iron ore: Sierra Leone cancels Gerald Group’s mining licence

Last week, Sierra Leone’s government cancelled the mining licence of a subsidiary of Gerald Group over a dispute regarding royalty payments. Roskill View The subsidiary, SL Mining, suspended operations in September after filing for arbitration in an international court. Reports suggest that authorities imposed a ban on exports from its… Read more

Antimony: Delegates of Antimony Day shine spotlight on regulation

The International Antimony Association (i2a) held its third Antimony Day event in Antwerp on the 1st October 2019. With the intention of shining a “spotlight on regulation”, much discussion was focussed on the latest assessments of the possible hazards of antimony substances in the USA and EU, as well as… Read more

Lithium: Current prices provide limited incentive for new supply

Lithium spot prices in China are currently in the doldrums as near-term demand growth has fallen short of expectation. While of less relevance for the market outside China—with the exception of Australian spodumene supply which feeds the Chinese converters—sentiment in the sector has fallen as sharply as prices. Longer-term, there… Read more

Cobalt: GEM and Glencore sign five-year supply deal

GEM has agreed to purchase 61.2kt of cobalt from Glencore between 2020 and 2024, accepting 13.2kt of cobalt hydroxide in 2020 and 12kt in each of the following four years. The deal secures a significant amount of feedstock for GEM, which produces cobalt from recycling and from imported intermediates. The… Read more

Chromium: Outokumpu considers new slag furnace in Tornio

Outokumpu is assessing options to build a new slag furnace in Tornio, Finland, on which a decision will be made in 2020. The company has initiated an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure as a basis for decision making. The planned facility would produce ferrochrome-nickel (FeCrNi) alloy from slag and side… Read more

Bauxite & alumina: Polar Sapphire deal falls through

Australian-based Pure Alumina has announced that it is unable to complete its proposed acquisition of Polar Sapphire, the private Canadian producer of high purity alumina (HPA). The agreement to purchase expired on 30 September. Pure Alumina is now reviewing its options over its Yendon high purity alumina project, based on… Read more