Graphite: Walkabout Resources updates feasibility study

Australian company Walkabout Resources has incorporated its recent resource update into the existing definitive feasibility study for the Lindi Jumbo project in south-eastern Tanzania. Mine life has now been increased by 20% to 24 years and the project’s post-tax net present valuation (NPV) has been increased by 9.4% to US$197M.… Read more

Automotive: Chinese industry benefits from VAT cuts

At the beginning of the year, the Chinese Finance Ministry announced plans to boost fiscal expenditure in 2019, focusing on further cuts in taxes and fees for small firms and manufacturers. On March 5, the Chinese Prime Minister announced, during the annual meeting of parliament, that China would reduce the… Read more

Rare Earths: Axial flux motors and the EV drivetrain

YASA, a UK-based company, is developing yokeless and segmented armature (YASA) axial-flux electric motors. The company announced in February that it has signed an agreement with a global automotive manufacturer to innovate and develop hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV & EV) drivetrains with the mandate to “improve performance whilst reducing… Read more

Tantalum: Australian ramp-up could bring about low for tantalum prices

Much of the discussion at last weeks’ Argus Metals Week in London was dedicated to the impact of increasing Australian tantalum production on the global tantalum market and price. As new lithium producers come on-stream and ramp-up capacity in Australian, a new wave of by-product material is entering the tantalum… Read more

Salt: Exports reach record high for full-year 2018

In 2018, estimated global salt exports hit a new record of 71.47Mt compared to 64.51Mt the previous year. The main increase was from Chile (3.18Mt), which was sent to North America for use in de-icing following a return to more severe winter conditions. The strike at the Goderich rock salt mine… Read more

Soda ash: Solvay to increase production capacity over next two years

Belgium chemical giant Solvay has released plans to increase its global production capacity for soda ash and bicarbonate over the next two years against a backdrop of increasing consumer demand. It plans to increase capacity for soda ash production by 500ktpy and for bicarbonate by 100ktpy via a series of… Read more

Rare Earths: Siemens permanent magnet motors take to the skies

Bye Aerospace is developing all-electric aircrafts and recently test flew its two-seater plane, which uses a direct-drive permanent-magnet motor developed by Siemens. Siemens is part of further e-plane innovations and, together with Israeli start-up Eviation Aircraft, is developing the propulsion systems for Eviation’s nine-passenger all-electric regional commuter plane Alice. Siemens… Read more

Copper: LME prices rally 10% to US$6,405/t in the first seven weeks of 2019

LME three-month copper prices have rallied by almost 10% from a January 3rd low of US$5,837/t to US$6,405/t on February 20th. Positive news on future talks between the US and China aimed at resolving their ongoing trade dispute have buoyed investor sentiment generally across global stock markets and commodity exchanges.… Read more