Roskill Rare Earths: Market pressures revving into gear

Read about Roskill’s insights into the recent rare earth market pressures and price movements. View here Highlights: NdPr permanent magnets, electric vehicles, catalysts, supply-demand balance, China and prices. Roskill Information Services has published 16 editions of its multi-client report on the global rare earths industry over the last 40 years.… Read more

Steel Alloys: H1 2017 trade in review for chromium

In H1 2016, chrome prices were at six-year lows but in H2 2016 there was a dramatic recovery. By Q3, chrome ore prices had recovered to their highest levels since the global economic downturn. This was mostly driven by Chinese demand for South African ore for ferrochrome production, which improved… Read more

Steel Alloys: H1 2017 trade in review for vanadium

Throughout 2016, ferrovanadium prices recovered having started the year at their lowest levels since 2003. In H1 2017, steady price recovery continued with prices averaging US$25/kg in Q1 and increasing to US$27/kg in Q2.  It had looked like modest increases were set to continue into Q3, with July prices averaging… Read more

Steel Alloys: H1 2017 trade in review for molybdenum

Molybdenum prices experienced varying trends in H1 2017 following a period of stagnation in 2016.  Ferromolybdenum prices increased to US$5.54/lb in April, their highest level for two years.  The increase in prices was the result of growing demand for molybdenum from stainless steel producers and the prolonged closure of producers… Read more


After a relatively stable end to 2016, the tungsten market has seen a near continuous increase in prices for tungsten products during H1 2017, with European APT prices increasing from US$195/mtu WO3 to US$223/mtu WO3 in July.  The Chinese domestic market has also shown similar price movements with tungsten concentrate… Read more

Rare Earths

The increase in certain rare earth element (REE) prices in H1 2017, particularly for neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr) products, has brought renewed interest to the rare earths industry after prices stagnated in 2016.  China FOB Nd oxide and Pr oxide prices increased 20% to US$48.4/kg REO and 21% to… Read more


The tantalum market has had an eventful 2017 so far. First came the fire at AMG’s MIBRA operation in January, which damaged the larger of its two concentrators and took much of its roughly 300,000lbpy Ta2O5 production offline. The concentrator is being rebuilt, not least because it will be necessary… Read more


The lithium industry has continued to experience rapid price developments in H1 2017 following on from the dramatic price increases witnessed in 2016.  In the first half of 2017, US lithium carbonate prices have increased by 2.5% from US$13,000/t to US$13,338/t according to Industrial Minerals, as the international contract price… Read more


The cobalt market is prone to periods of price volatility, although the last few years have seen relative price stability underpinned by oversupply despite strong demand.  H1 2017 brought with it a return to the good old days for producers at least: prices started the year at US$16/lb but rose… Read more

Carbon & chemicals: H1 2017 trade in review for fluorspar

Trade of fluorspar, HF and AlF3 by country is discussed in detail in Roskill’s new fluorspar report 2017, where Roskill has used inferred trade from partner countries to compensate for misreporting in official statistics. In some instances, Roskill has estimated country-level fluorspar trade based on output or shipments of downstream… Read more

Carbon & chemicals: H1 2017 trade in review for salt

Salt is produced in more than 100 countries and on all continents. The high bulk/low value properties of salt mean it tends to be consumed close to the point of production. However, international trade in salt has increased in recent years, assisted by historically low dry bulk shipping costs. In… Read more

Carbon & chemicals: H12017 trade in review for graphite

Natural & synthetic graphite The graphite industry is poised for significant growth to 2026, with robust demand growth forecasts from lithium-ion battery anodes and increasing competition between natural and synthetic graphite in this application. Trade in synthetic graphite was dominated by electrodes and artificial graphite. Artificial graphite has seen the… Read more