Lithium: key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference

February saw delegates join Roskill’s lithium team once again in sunny Perth for an engaging two days of conference. A host of speakers discussed topics from across the lithium supply chain; from the tenacity of new miners, the progress of project developers, along with a host of technical papers on… Watch now

Tungsten: What can metal investors expect next?

Roskill Copper and Technology metals manager Jessica Roberts gives the low down on the tungsten supply side and explains what tungsten demand looks like in the near term. Tungsten prices have recovered slightly over the last few weeks – but what does this mean for future investors? Further updates to… Watch now

Salt: World production expected to hit new record of over 330Mt this year

Roskill’s Kerry Satterthwaite discusses the outlook for salt through to 2028. She says world production is expected to reach a new record of over 330Mt in 2019, beating the previous peak of around 325Mt in 2018 when output was driven by high consumption in the de-icing market following a cold… Watch now

Tin: Substantial growth prospects

Jessica Roberts says slowing economic growth in China and US-China trade tensions are thought to have had a negative impact on tin prices. Besides well-known applications such as containers and traditional lead-acid batteries, tin is predicted to be the metal most impacted by the development of future technologies. Tin’s extensive… Watch now

Chromium: Market forecast to move into period of more modest demand growth

Our analyst Dr. Nils Backeberg discusses the outlook for the chromium market through to 2029. “Southern Africa hosts about 90% of the world’s chromite reserves and resources and accounts for approximately 60% of global chrome ore production.” “After several years of 5-10% annual growth in demand driven by stainless steel… Watch now

Greenfields: First Battery Raw Materials Project Report

Roskill analyst Oliver Heathman and associate Charles Cooper introduce Greenfield Battery Raw Material Projects for the 2020s report. The first of its kind, the study examines over 50 of what they describe as the top greenfield projects that could produce the key raw materials for the Electric Vehicle battery market.… Watch now

Cobalt: Outlook to 2029, market set to double in size

Roskill Director, Jack Bedder speaks to Andrew Scott of proactive on the outlook for cobalt. Although prices have fallen back and market sentiment is depressed, Jack forecasts significant demand growth over the next decade, with the market expected to roughly double in size.