Roskill discusses rare earths supply & demand trends

Why are rare earths increasingly important both to China and the rest of the world? How is supply and demand met and where are the bottlenecks? What about the importance of secondary supply and recycling? All these questions and more are put to Roskill’s David Merriman, who brings Proactive Investors… Watch now

Roskill talks vanadium price spikes

Jack Bedder, Roskill Director, discusses the recent vanadium price increases with Proactive Investors and factors behind them. Higher demand for steel, changing rebar regulations in China, and prior shutdowns on the supply side, have all contributed to huge price increases in the last 18 months. Bedder gives his take on… Watch now

Lithium market analysis with Roskill

Oliver Heathman, Mining Research Manager at Roskill, explains to Proactive Investors how demand for lithium is set to increase substantially over the next decade, with “on paper” concerns regarding oversupply not taking into account the capital and time needed for new projects to ramp up. More here too on how… Watch now

Roskill on the automotive race towards electrification

Roskill analyst Jose Lazuen discusses with Proactive Investors the outlook for the automotive and electric car markets, including the rise of autonomous vehicles. He discusses whether electric vehicles will be adopted uniformly around the world and if early movers like Tesla have an advantage over other companies in the space… Watch now

China controls copper markets with change in scrap regulations

Roskill’s associate Copper analyst Jonathan Barnes talks Proactive London through the US/China ‘tit-for-tat’ trade tariffs and the chances of a partial resolution, which fundamentals in the copper market indicate could be on the cards. New regulations in China (in terms of the quality of imported metals the Chinese government will… Watch now

Fluorspar prices hit seven-year highs

Roskill fluorspar manager Kerry Satterthwaite speaks to Proactive Investors about the market fundamentals for fluorspar. Chinese supply disruptions in 2018 have turned the world supply/demand balance for acidspar upside down.

Insights on global salt markets from the 2018 Roskill Salt Asia Conference

Roskill director Alison Saxby connects with the Proactive Investors Sydney studio from the Roskill Salt Asia 2018 Conference in Hong Kong, outlining latest trends in the Asian salt market. Growing Chinese demand for high purity salt in chlor-alkali markets is driving salt trade in the region, benefitting suppliers in India and Australia.

Oil recovery spurs demand for molybdenum

Roskill analyst Olivier Masson discusses the supply and consumption of molybdenum, noting that supply rose by 14% in 2017 – recovering from two consecutive years of decline. Overall demand for the metal is highly linked with developments in the oil & gas industry, thanks to its use in refining and… Watch now

‘On the road… Breakfast at the Tower’ — 9 October 2018 Event Video

On Tuesday 9th October, Roskill presented ‘On the road… Breakfast at the Tower’ — up-to-date market insights on electric vehicle raw materials. Presentations on the lithium, cobalt and rare earths markets were given by Roskill’s lead analysts in the New Armouries Suite, Tower of London.

Tight market for neodymium set to continue with growing NEV demand

Nils Backeberg, senior analyst at Roskill, educates Proactive Investors on today’s markets for rare earth minerals, with particular attention to factors influencing demand and thus prices. Backeberg outlines the potential impact of growth in the electric vehicle market on demand for rare earths-containing permanent magnets.

Tungsten markets returning to growth after years of low prices

Jessica Roberts, head of battery & technology materials at Roskill, talks with Proactive Investors about world tungsten markets ahead of the release in November of Roskill’s new Tungsten Market Outlook report. Roberts discusses the outlook for supply, with particular consideration of the impacts from China’s toughening environmental regulations, noting that… Watch now