Tungsten markets returning to growth after years of low prices

Jessica Roberts, head of battery & technology materials at Roskill, talks with Proactive Investors about world tungsten markets ahead of the release in November of Roskill’s new Tungsten Market Outlook report. Roberts discusses the outlook for supply, with particular consideration of the impacts from China’s toughening environmental regulations, noting that… Watch now

North Korea tipped to be a significant future player in Magnesia industry

Alison Saxby, director at Roskill, spoke to Proactive’s Andrew Scott following the release of Roskill’s new 2018 report for magnesium compounds. Saxby says China has dominated world magnesia supply for decades, accounting for 70% of world production capacity and 60% of world production. She adds supply tightness affecting certain magnesia… Watch now

Demand for nickel sulphate set to explode as industry excitement builds

Thomas Höhne-Sparborth, senior economic analyst at Roskill, discusses with Proactive Investors the outlook for nickel sulphate. Nickel sulphate is the key material used to produce precursor materials for lithium-ion batteries. Höhne-Sparborth suspects forecasts that nickel sulphate demand will increase five fold over the next decade are conservative and says the… Watch now

Antimony to experience modest growth over next decade

Jack Bedder and Nils Backeberg from Roskill discuss with Proactive Investors their near term expectations for demand and supply of Antimony. Antimony is mostly used in flame retardants and lead-acid batteries. Together these end-uses accounted for 84% of antimony demand in 2017.

Titanium demand to grow 6% in 2018 as applications set to expand

Jessica Roberts, manager of battery and technology metals at Roskill, tells Proactive’s Andrew Scott Titanium prices have remained relatively stable in recent years, averaging under US$10/kg per quarter since 2016 and that’s encouraged consumption of the metal across industrial applications. However she adds that growth’s coming not just from industrial… Watch now

Lithium miners and processors likely to enjoy a very strong market by 2027

Jose Lazuen and David Merriman from Roskill spoke to Proactive Investors following the publication of their 2018 Lithium market outlook report. “We expect the market for refined lithium products, particularly those battery-grade products, to remain very tight and likely to enter a deficit towards the end of our ten year… Watch now