Facing a major decision? We help you explore the impact on the market — and the impact on you.

Roskill reports are essential reading for anyone who needs a detailed understanding of the market. But if you're interested in exploring a specific scenario, we also offer specialist consultancy services.

Consulting Services

  • Briefings and presentations

    Roskill consultants regularly produce informed and influential briefings and give presentations to international audiences, using up to the minute market information and background knowledge to analyse global or local scenarios.

  • Consulting calls and strategy meetings

    Roskill’s consulting division can support you when you need to make a rapid decision and need intelligent background information fast. The Roskill team is always available for consulting calls and strategy meetings to answer your questions.

  • In-depth studies

    Roskill consultants, supported by a team of full time analysts and researchers, are able to provide detailed analysis using a wide range of capabilities combined with detailed and practical knowledge of the metals and minerals business today.

  • Webinars

    Roskill webinars provide a detailed and independent view over several metals and mineral markets. You can join Roskill open webinars or request for bespoke webinars to meet your precise requirements.

  • Workshops

    Roskill’s team of consultants can provide you with tailor-made workshops to supply insights into a particular aspect of the minerals and metals industries.

Our specialist consultancy services

What sort of scenarios?

  • We can help you with due diligence on acquisitions.
  • Or with ‘what-ifs’ like feasibility studies and competitive evaluation studies.
  • Or with critical assessments of markets and products.

In recent years we have served clients in the US, Canada, China, Russia, the EU, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. We are experience in interviewing overseas, with the advantage of having several French, Spanish and Chinese-speaking consultants.

We have a staff of senior consultants, each with many years of consulting experience. In turn, they are supported by a team of analysts who are engaged in full-time metals and minerals research.

This means that we are able to offer a wide range of consulting skills combined with detailed, practical knowledge of the metals and minerals business today.

Over the years, our consultants have built up an extensive database of relevant contacts in the metals and minerals industries, including both producers and consumers of these products. This database of contacts is continually updated and extended to meet the needs of each consultancy assignment. All our consultants are skilled interviewers, able to obtain, analyse and interpret high quality information.

We receive essential market intelligence from Roskill associates, such as our Moscow and Nanjing based partners who equip Roskill analysts with the latest information on Russian and Chinese metal and minerals markets.

If additional specialist expertise is required, we are able to call upon a world-wide network of associated companies and individual consultants with whom we have worked for many years.

Our primary research is backed up by our uniquely comprehensive in-house information system. This database is a fund of published and unpublished information, collated under 350 file headings, compiled from company reports, official national statistics, over 150 leading trade journals, technical and trade literature and many other reliable international sources.

We also subscribe to a range of on-line resources, including comprehensive business information services and a trade database, so that we can pass on developments in metals and minerals markets as they happen.

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