EV Raw Materials


Outlook to 2029, 15th Edition

Cobalt is mostly mined as a by-product of copper or nickel with the copper-cobalt sulphide deposits of the Central African Copper belt being the principal source. The DRC dominates global mine production and accounted for roughly 60% of global supply in 2015.

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Greenfield Battery Raw Material Projects for the 2020sNew

Greenfield Battery Raw Material Projects for the 2020s

Automotive electrification and energy storage will drive strong demand for lithium-ion battery raw materials over the coming decades. Understanding these potential future sources of supply is key to identifying potential bottlenecks as well as opportunities. To understand the potential of new sources of raw materials, Roskill has reviewed the plans…

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Outlook to 2028, 16th Edition

Rapid developments in the lithium industry have continued into 2018, as lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies consumed in a range of end-uses drive demand growth and new operations provide additional raw material supplies.

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Lithium-ion Batteries

Outlook to 2028, 3rd Edition

The supply of the raw and refined materials needed for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries is becoming as strategic as oil supplies changing the landscape for the automotive, energy and electronics industries and their supply chains globally Battery growth Lithium-ion batteries have become the dominant battery technology in major markets,…

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Natural & Synthetic GraphiteNew

Outlook to 2028, 12th Edition

Graphite prices remain high as supply-side shortages combine with growing battery and electrode demand. High flake graphite prices spur new development outside of China Despite some downwards re-adjustment towards the end of 2018, graphite prices remain high, with February prices for 94-97%C fine, medium and large size flake still 17%,…

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Nickel Sulphate

Outlook to 2028, 2nd Edition

Nickel use in batteries presently accounts for no more than 3–4% of total nickel demand. Demand for battery-grade nickel is, however, expected to boom over the coming decade as the result of the use of nickel in lithium-ion cathode materials used in electric vehicles (EVs).

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Rare EarthsPre-order

Outlook to 2029, 19th Edition

The rare earth industry continues to be an important part of not only the development and manufacture of high-end technologies, but also as a geopolitical tool in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable global market. Disruptions to supply chains caused by tariffs, the imposition of sourcing restrictions for some products and…

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