Explaining the rapid copper price recovery in the wake of COVID-19

26 August 2020

Copper foil

Roskill will present its latest analysis and insights on the range of influences that have contributed to the unexpectedly rapid rebound in LME copper prices to above pre-COVID-19 levels over the past four months. A unique blend of market conditions and external factors have made copper the most resilient of the LME base metals complex. To understand how and why we believe this rally has longer to run, please join the first Roskill copper webinar.

The webinar will be presented by Jonathan Barnes (Roskill Associate Consultant, Copper) and prefaced by a summary of Roskill’s in-house macroeconomic outlook presented by Strategic Consulting Manager, Neal Brewster.



Asia and Oceania

26 August 2020 — 08:00 BST

Europe and Africa

26 August 2020 — 15:30 BST


26 August 2020 — 19:00 BST