Battery and electric vehicle raw materials insights

29th October 2019 New Armouries Suite, The Tower of London

On the road… London 2019

Roskill are back at the Tower. On Tuesday 29th October during LME week, Roskill will be hosting a series of presentations, seminars and panel discussions at the Tower of London.

Held in the stunning location of the New Armouries Suite we will focus on the  “very latest” outlook for raw materials in the electric vehicle revolution.

Topics, discussions and questions we will be raising…

  • Is the global battery supply chain ready for the impact of electric vehicle mass production? 
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the mining, battery and automotive industries?”  
  • Copper’s Critical Role in the Electric Vehicle Revolution
  • Lithium Market Outlook and its impact on Battery and Automotive Trends
  • Copper in 20‌19 – Entering a New Era of Structural Market Deficits?

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