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29 October 2019 New Armouries Suite, The Tower of London

On the road… London 2019


Roskill are back at the Tower. On Tuesday 29th October during LME week, Roskill will be hosting a series of presentations, seminars and panel discussions at the Tower of London.

Held in the stunning location of the New Armouries Suite we will focus on the  “very latest” outlook for raw materials in the electric vehicle revolution.

Topics, discussions and questions we will be raising…

  • Is the global battery supply chain ready for the impact of electric vehicle mass production? 
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for the mining, battery and automotive industries?”
  • Copper Market Outlook 
  • Lithium Market Outlook and its impact on Battery and Automotive Trends
  • Copper in 20‌19 – Entering a New Era of Structural Market Deficits?

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Unique to this year’s On the road… London we are pleased to offer the choice of 2 exclusive afternoon sessions at 14:00:

Rare Earths Symposium

NdFeB: Fatal attraction or key to new-energy technologies?

Join Roskill’s Steel alloys manager Dr Nils Backeberg and an industry panel to discuss the rare earth market trends and expectations.

Rare earths permanent magnets have opened the door for high performance conversion of electrical energy into torque and vice versa, making them key to the further development of new energy technologies. It seems inevitable, however, for the supply chain to pass through China, where over 80% of rare earth raw materials are mined and over 90% of NdFeB magnets are produced. As the global automotive industry shifts to electrification through the use of NdFeB-based motors, does this present a fatal attraction in supply sustainability or has the industry evolved from the memories of 201‌0/11 price rises?

The Greenfield Cost Model

Battery raw materials projects – winners and losers

Discover key observations and findings from Roskill’s latest research presented by Mark Fellows and Charles Cooper, Skarn Associates.

Take an in depth look into Greenfields projects that could add to cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite, copper and manganese supply over the next decade. An understanding of these potential future sources of supply is key to identifying potential opportunities and is vital for anyone looking to invest or become involved in these emerging markets.


Roskill are delighted to announce that ‘On the road… London’ will take place in the New Armouries Suite at the Tower of London and we would like you and your colleagues to join us.

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New Armouries Suite, The White Tower

Tower of London,
London EC3N 4AB,
United Kingdom

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On the road… London



Welcome Refreshments and Networking


Keynote: The Year in Review: Tariffs, Trade Wars and New Technologies

Robert Baylis


Scenarios for Adoption: Roskill’s Outlook for EVs and Li-ion Batteries

Jose Lazuen


Lithium Market Outlook

Jake Fraser


Cobalt Market Outlook

Jack Bedder


Refreshment Break


Steel Market Outlook

Erik Sardain


Nickel Market Outlook

Olivier Masson


Graphite Market Outlook

Suzanne Shaw


Copper Market Outlook

Jon Barnes



Rare Earths Symposium

NdFeB: Fatal attraction or key to new-energy technologies?


The Greenfield Cost Model

Battery raw materials projects - winners and losers

Roskill reserves the right to alter the programme without notice