Magnesium: Mag One moves closer to commercial production

With two positive announcements in recent weeks, Vancouver-headquartered Mag One is rapidly emerging as another upcoming ‘green’ magnesium producer, joining the ranks of Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) and Alliance Magnesium (AMI). Roskill View Mag One has an exclusive worldwide licence for the Tech Mag technology, owned by Tech Magnesium, and the… Read more

Lithium: key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference

Jake Fraser, Battery Materials Consultant and Oliver (Olli) Heathman, Mining Research Manager for Roskill discuss the highlights and key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference. Many of the presentations centered around the challenges and learnings of new producers entering the market, what is next for developers, Government initiatives… Watch now

Bauxite & alumina: Coronavirus affects bauxite and fused alumina supply

Disruptions in China caused by measures taken to contain the Coronavirus outbreak have begun to affect the bauxite and fused alumina markets, with consumers in Europe and other regions reporting short-term shortages. Measures include the closure of mines (during an extension to the New Year holiday) and disruptions to shipping… Read more

Indaba, PGMs: Roskill On the road… at Investec in Cape Town

Platinum group metal (PGM) producers, traders and consumers gathered at Investec’s annual PGM dialogue at the Cape Town Mining Indaba to discuss the accelerated price rises in palladium and rhodium and the sustainability of the industry over the 2020s. The PGM group then joined Roskill at its third On the… Read more

Macroeconomics: China’s 2019 steel production to peak at 1Bnt?

Based on World Steel Association (WSA) preliminary numbers and Roskill’s model, global crude steel production totalled 1,871Mt in 2019, a 3% increase year-on-year. This increase, however, hides a large discrepancy between China and the rest of the world. During the period under review, China’s crude steel production grew by 7.3%… Read more

Tungsten: Almonty extends Sangdong offtake to 15 years

Canada-headquartered tungsten miner Almonty Industries has announced that successful negotiations have taken place to amend its current offtake agreement for the Sangdong mine in South Korea, from 10 years to 15 years. The original agreement, with US-based Global Tungsten & Powders, had a term of 10 years that called for… Read more

Chromium, nickel: Long-term plan for the Ring of Fire

Progress on developing minerals in Canada’s Ring of Fire has been slow, mainly because of the need to establish access infrastructure to encourage exploration and exploitation in the remote region. In order to open up access to potential resources, a five- to ten-year construction plan is in place to build… Read more

Cobalt: Glencore ramps up production in the DRC

In a note published early on 4 February 2020, Glencore released production figures for 2019. Highlights included an increase in cobalt production and a fall in copper production. Cobalt production increased by 10% between 2018 and 2019 to 46.3kt. This increase was a result of higher output from the Katanga… Read more