Fluorspar: New study warns chloroform emissions could delay ozone layer recovery

A study led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), published in December 2018 in the journal Nature Geoscience, identifies another new threat to the ozone layer’s recovery: chloroform—a colourless, sweet-smelling compound that is used in the fluorochemicals supply chain. Between 2010 and 2015, emissions and concentrations of chloroform in… Read more

Copper: A trio of Chilean mine expansions receive board approval

Mine expansion plans have been approved in recent months by Collahuasi, Teck and Antofagasta which have the ability to add significant capacity to the Chilean copper industry. Collahuasi has revealed plans to invest US$3.2Bn to expand output at its open pit operation in Northern Chile which produced 524kt of metal… Read more

Titanium: Boeing and Airbus set record airplane deliveries in 2018

US aerospace giant Boeing delivered a record number of commercial jets in 2018, reaching 806 planes compared to the previous record of 763 in 2017. In addition, the group booked nearly 900 net orders valued at US$143.7Bn, adding to its backlog which stands at seven years. Most orders last year… Read more

Niobium: CBMM announces major expansion in ferroniobium production capacity

The privately controlled global ferroniobium giant CBMM has announced that it will greatly expand capacity for ferroniobium production at Araxã, Brazil. The expansion will see capacity rise from its current level of about 100ktpy FeNb (gross weight) to 150ktpy by the end of 2020, with production anticipated at 110kt in 2019… Read more

Roskill discusses rare earths supply & demand trends

Why are rare earths increasingly important both to China and the rest of the world? How is supply and demand met and where are the bottlenecks? What about the importance of secondary supply and recycling? All these questions and more are put to Roskill’s David Merriman, who brings Proactive Investors… Watch now

Rare Earths: BMW’s fifth-generation REE-free electric drivetrain

BMW remains focussed on gradually lowering the proportion of critical raw materials that are used in its electric vehicle (EV) models. Besides reducing the use of cobalt in the battery cells, BMW has set a target to launch its fifth-generation electric drive trains in 2021, free of rare earth elements… Read more

Graphite: Chinese imports from Africa surge in November

Chinese imports of flake graphite (excluding intermediate spherical graphite products produced from flake) increased dramatically from 6.7kt in October 2018 to more than 10.0kt the following month. Monthly imports of flake have averaged 5kt since April and have been growing strongly since late 2017 when Syrah Resources Balama mine came… Read more

Graphite: Syrah Resources inks new supply agreement with Qingdao Langruite Graphite

Mozambican graphite producer Syrah Resources has agreed a binding sales agreement to supply material from its Balama operation to Qingdao Langruite Graphite in China. The deal follows two other supply agreements arranged in November, also with Chinese graphite companies. Together, the new supply deals replace Syrah Resources’ contract with battery… Read more