Tantalum: Kemet announces customer-funded capacity increases for MLCCs

On 29 November, capacitor giant Kemet Corporation announced that it had entered into an agreement with one of its customers to help fund increases to capacity. The unnamed customer, assumed to be a large producer of electronic devices, will provide Kemet with interest-free advance payments totalling US$30M. This follows a… Read more

Automotive: Could China cut taxes on US-made cars?

On December 1, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump held high-stakes trade talks in Buenos Aires, Argentina after the G20 Summit. The leaders of the world’s two largest economies agreed to a 90-day timeline and road map to negotiate a further trade deal. If the two parties… Read more

China controls copper markets with change in scrap regulations

Roskill’s associate Copper analyst Jonathan Barnes talks Proactive London through the US/China ‘tit-for-tat’ trade tariffs and the chances of a partial resolution, which fundamentals in the copper market indicate could be on the cards. New regulations in China (in terms of the quality of imported metals the Chinese government will… Watch now

Rare Earths: TDK acquires Showa Denko R&D branch of magnet alloys

TDK Corporation has reached an agreement with Showa Denko to acquire the latter’s neodymium magnet alloy research and development business sector. The transfer to TDK is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2019. TDK’s magnet business already includes neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets and ferrite magnets for a variety… Read more

Fluorspar prices hit seven-year highs

Roskill fluorspar manager Kerry Satterthwaite speaks to Proactive Investors about the market fundamentals for fluorspar. Chinese supply disruptions in 2018 have turned the world supply/demand balance for acidspar upside down.

Fluorspar: Acidspar prices at their highest levels since 2011

Environmental restrictions in China, the world’s largest fluorspar producer by far, have persisted into December 2018, turning the world fluorspar supply/demand balance upside down. Sources within China have reported that acid-grade fluorspar (acidspar) domestic wet powder prices now range between US$510/t and US$570/t, while dry powder prices have reached US$547/t… Read more

Lithium: AVZ Minerals builds sizable lithium resource in the DRC

AVZ Minerals recently announced a significant increase to the mineral resource of its 60%-owned Manono project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Additional drilling has allowed the company to increase the size of its mineral resource by 57% (on a contained lithium basis). As shown by the accompanying chart, globally,… Read more

Insights on global salt markets from the 2018 Roskill Salt Asia Conference

Roskill director Alison Saxby connects with the Proactive Investors Sydney studio from the Roskill Salt Asia 2018 Conference in Hong Kong, outlining latest trends in the Asian salt market. Growing Chinese demand for high purity salt in chlor-alkali markets is driving salt trade in the region, benefitting suppliers in India and Australia.

Tantalum: Demand robust but prices continue to slide

Tantalum prices fell sharply during the second half of 2018, with the Asian Metal price for tantalum concentrate (30% min Ta2O5 CIF China) dropping from over US$100/lb mid-year to about US$80/lb by late November. With long-term demand for tantalum positive, there are obviously questions about why prices are falling, how… Read more