Salt mine

Salt: Local controversy at Cargill salt mine

Cargill is facing local opposition to the decision by the US Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to allow the company to construct a new access shaft at its Cayuga underground rock salt mine. The 2.18Mtpy capacity mine is located in the USA at on the shore of Lake Cayuga at… Read more

Lithium/Boron: Global Geoscience heap leaching progress

Global Geoscience of Australia has announced that it has successfully extracted lithium and boron by heap leaching at its Rhyolite Ridge project in Nevada, USA. The company has stated that it recovered 88-92% lithium and 88-89% boron using the process in which feedstock is treated with sulphuric acid to form… Read more

Graphite: Triton Minerals completes definitive feasibility study

The Australian company announced completion of a definitive feasibility study last week for its Ancuabe graphite project in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. The project is planned to include a 60ktpy processing plant and could operate for 27 years. Construction could begin in the first half of 2018 with production of concentrate… Read more


Electric vehicles: China’s carmaker BYD to open Moroccan EV plant

BYD, the leading Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has signed an agreement to build a factory in Morocco to produce batteries, battery-powered vehicles and monorail trains. BYD will become the third car manufacturer after Renault and Peugeot of France, to establish a major automobile manufacturing presence in the North African country.… Read more

Vale logo

Nickel: Vale unveils plans for its nickel business

Vale has used its recent ‘Vale Day’ investor event to unveil plans for its nickel business. The company will lower nickel output in 2018 and Vale expects nickel production in 2018-2021 to be around 262-268kt); below its forecast production of 287kt for 2017. The cut in nickel output will principally… Read more

Rare Earths: What’s the coal story?

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of the US Department of Energy (DOE) is reporting “high” concentrations of rare earth elements (REEs) found in coal reserves across the Northern and Central Appalachians, Rocky Mountains and Pennsylvania’s Anthracite regions. In mid-August 2017, the DOE invested US$17.4M into research focussing on the… Read more