Salt: Australian and Indonesian production affected badly by weather

Roskill view: Adverse weather conditions seriously affected salt production in Indonesia and Australia during 2016 and early 2017. In 2016, artisan salt production in Indonesia fell to only 118kt compared to the record 2.9Mt of the previous year. This followed a prolonged period of rain into the dry season caused… Read more

Steel: US shaking the market

Roskill view: On Saturday, legislators in Texas’ House and Senate approved a so-called “Buy American” bill, which would require large state projects to purchase their iron and steel requirements from American suppliers, provided their cost is within 20% of the next-best alternative. The bill is of particular concern to the… Read more

Cobalt: Cobalt 27 could become a very interesting story

Roskill view: Metal Bulletin reported this week that the Canadian minerals company, Cobalt 27 Capital Corporation, will seek to add to the physical cobalt it already has options on, if the value of its equity rises significantly above the level of the metal it will hold once it lists. Cobalt… Read more

Vanadium: Supply-side changes driving price rises

Vanadium prices fell quarter-on-quarter in 2015, with European FeV80 prices averaging around US$13.5/kg in Q4 that year. Prices have not been that low, in nominal terms, since 2003.  The following year saw a slow but steady increase, with prices ending 2016 above US$22/kg.  So far, 2017 has seen prices strengthen… Read more

Rare earth recovery and automotive growth

The positive trend for the rare earths industry has continued into mid-2017 with rising Chinese domestic prices for many rare earth products and increasing output from non-Chinese producers Lynas and India Rare Earths.  Roskill’s revised automotive forecast predicts robust growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market over the next decade… Read more