Activated carbon: 53% of Chinese sources failed to meet the drinking water standards in 2016

Posted by Dimpal on February 14, 2017

Roskill view: China’s government auditor has reported in early 2017 that 17.6 Bn Yuan (about US$2.56 Bn) of fiscal funds earmarked in 2016 for pollution control and resource management was not used effectively in China.

The finding was part of the results released after the China National Audit Office (NAO) sent inspection teams to 18 provincial regions to review the use of fiscal funds for water pollution prevention and control.

The NAO inspectors also found that a total of 397 water pollution protection projects had failed to achieve their targets, and some environment funds were not distributed in accordance with special protection plans.

The NAO noted increasing pressure from regional water environment protection, adding that in some regions, environment protection laws were not enforced strictly.

Activated carbon markets doubled worldwide between 2007 and 2015, driven by environmental regulations, including China’s Water Ten Plan. Drinking water treatment is a major application for activated carbon worldwide.

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