Antimony: International Antimony Association (i2A) Antimony Day

Roskill View: The i2A hosted a conference in Brussels on the 29th of November to discuss the re-evaluation of several antimony compounds under REACH. The Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety of Germany (BAuA) has been researching the toxicology and carcinogenicity of antimony compounds. The event was initiated by the i2A to generate, gather and communicate informative data to assist BAuA in their investigations. Re-evaluation could lead to antimony compounds being categorised under a more severe carcinogen class and the tone in the room suggested that many unanswered questions exist surrounding potential reclassification.

The crowd was dominated by European downstream producers mixed in with regulatory bodies and associations, distributors, traders and upstream producers. A major cause for concern in the industry is that classification under a severe category could lead to a need for more stringent regulation at the manufacturing stages. There were talks of an extreme case in which reclassification results in substitution of antimony, leading to a loss of performance for some end uses. BAuA stated that it is too early to provide a timeframe for reclassification and at this stage it is unclear what the outcome will be.