Automotive: Electric vehicle sales to accelerate following coronavirus pandemic

Senior Analyst Jose Lazuen tackles some of the key questions facing the EV market from Proactive London’s Andrew Scott:

  • What impact is  the Covid-19 pandemic expected to have on the EV industry this year?
  • Why has the Tesla share price skyrocketed recently?
  • Roskill recently published a paper on LFP Cathode materials. Where do LFP’s fit in with EV’s, and what are the reasons for carmakers to use them?
  • Does the outlook for EV growth remain positive?

Jose explains that severe falls were expected in EV sales but that European and Chinese policies coupled with consumer preferences have shown them to remain strong. He adds that policy is going to favour and push EV sales in certain jurisdictions which will benefit firms such as Tesla and says the recent strength in the company’s share price is a clear sign that investors see electric transport as the future of the industry.

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