Fluorspar: Acidspar prices at their highest levels since 2011

Environmental restrictions in China, the world’s largest fluorspar producer by far, have persisted into December 2018, turning the world fluorspar supply/demand balance upside down.

Sources within China have reported that acid-grade fluorspar (acidspar) domestic wet powder prices now range between US$510/t and US$570/t, while dry powder prices have reached US$547/t to US$583/t. In Europe, acidspar offers have consistently been reported at US$600/t FOB and North American customers have also expressed concern this week at the tightness in the acidspar market.

Roskill view:  

The Chinese government’s increasing focus on ‘ecological civilisation’ has forced its domestic fluorspar industry to clean up or close. Rest of World miners have been unable, yet, to plug the supply gap that this structural change has created. Acispar is only produced in commercial quantities in less than 20 countries around the world.

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