Fluorspar: First shipment of acidspar from Canada Fluorspar

Canada Fluorspar St. Lawrence Fluorspar Project

The first significant shipment of acid-grade fluorspar from Canada Fluorspar Inc’s recently developed mining project at St Lawrence in Newfoundland was completed in the last fortnight. Just under 5kt of material was loaded on board at the Kiewit Town Wharf in Marystown and dispatched to the USA. Further shipments are expected to follow.

Roskill view: The St Lawrence mine was shut down in 1978 and, after a limited period of mining activity in the region in the late 80s, there has been no domestic fluorspar production in Canada since 1990. Canada Fluorspar officially re-opened the mine in August 2017 and this shipment marks the start of a significant new supply source for the world market. The company plans to produce 200,000tpy of acidspar from the mine at full capacity, which represents up to approximately 10% of world acidspar capacity outside of China. The mine has a projected lifespan of 30 years.

Roskill’s new Fluorspar: Global Industry, Markets & Outlook report will be published in October 2018. To discuss the fluorspar market with Roskill, contact Adam Coggins: adam@roskill.com