Fluorspar: Moroccan producer GFL GM Fluorspar plans acidspar expansion

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GFL GM Fluorspar is reported to be expanding capacity at its fluorspar mine in Taourirt, Morocco. The mine and associated beneficiation plant have been in operation since 2018 and are currently capable of producing up to 40ktpy of acidspar. Once the expansion is completed, which is expected to be in Q2 2020, total capacity will be increased to 60ktpy.

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GFL GM Fluorspar is a subsidiary of Indian fluorochemicals producer Gujarat Fluorochemicals (GFL) and it is likely that a significant portion of output from Taourirt is used in the company’s downstream operations. According to Moroccan export data, 9.5kt of acid-grade fluorspar was sent to India in 2018, up from 5.5kt in 2017 and zero the year before. GFL GM Fluorspar is also understood to be targeting nearby European markets and the company states that material can be shipped to countries in Europe and the Mediterranean in 7 days. In 2015, 45kt of European acidspar imports were sourced from Morocco but, by 2018, this had fallen to 17kt. This trend looks set to increase, however, with more than 11kt having been imported in Q1 2019 alone. Overall, imports of acidspar to European countries totalled 506kt in 2018 with most material coming from Mexico (171kt), China (85kt) and South Africa (68kt).

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