Fluorspar: Prices for Chinese fluorspar, aluminium trifluoride and hydrofluoric (HF) acid hit new highs

Roskill view: Average export prices for Chinese acidspar (CaF2>97%) and its downstream products continued to rise in July and August 2017.

Fluorspar spot prices are maintaining four-year highs following supply concerns that have affected exports from Guangdong and Fujian provinces in the south of China. Industrial Minerals’ acidspar 97% CaF2 wet filtercake fob China prices stood at US$ 340-360/tonne on 31 August.

Acidspar average annual unit export prices had been on a steady slow decline from the highs of 2011/2012 into 2016 from an average $314/t fob China in 2014, $283/t in 2015 to $241/t in 2016 before the recovery in 2017. Producer discipline in China will be key to the future of the fluorspar industry to 2021.

Environmental inspections in China during 2017 have led to price increases for both metspar and acidspar and Roskill’s price forecasts for both types of fluorspar going forward into 2021 are projecting price increases. China is the dominant producer and its evolution from fluorspar supplier to producer of value-added F products has and will have profound effects on the fluorine supply chain in the rest of the world.

Roskill’s new Fluorspar: Global Industry, Markets & Outlook report will be published in September 2017.

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