Fluorspar: Saville Resources reports on fluorspar potential of Canadian prospect

Saville Resources has reported that its Mallard prospect in Quebec, which is primarily a niobium prospect, contains potentially significant quantities of fluorspar. Exploration for niobium remains the focus, but the company intends to further evaluate the fluorspar potential.

Roskill view

Canada has recently re-entered the market as a fluorspar producer, with Canada Fluorspar (CFI) beginning shipments at its St Lawrence mine in August 2018. Unlike CFI’s operation, fluorspar would not be the main target of the Mallard prospect but with the mineral currently enjoying elevated prices and the world’s premier producer, China, moving towards an increased reliance on imports, it is unsurprising that mining companies such as Saville Resources are keen to explore the benefits of fluorspar as a potential by-product of their operations. 

The Mallard prospect is one of several North American fluorspar projects at various stages of exploration or development, including another in Canada, Commerce Resources, which is investigating the fluorspar potential of its Ashram rare earths deposit in Northern Quebec. Recently released analytical results show promising mineralisation at Ashram in previously collected drill samples. Saville Resources operates the Niobium Claim Group, of which the Mallard prospect is a part, under an earn-in agreement with Commerce Resources.

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