Graphite/batteries: Chinese researchers develop fast-charging aluminium-graphene battery


A team of researchers from China’s Zhejiang University have developed a new type of aluminium-graphene battery which can achieve full charge in just 1.1 seconds with enough power to run a light bulb for one hour.

The battery retained 91% of its original capacity after 250,000 charge/discharge cycles, and performed stably in temperatures from −40 to 120ºC, according to the team. It can be folded, and does not explode when exposed to fire. The breakthrough was detailed in Science Advances, a US peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Such a breakthrough would transform energy storage, especially for electric vehicles where charging times for current Li-ion batteries are a hindrance to their use versus quick-filling petroleum. However, Zheng Jiatu, deputy managing director of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Industry Alliance, commented that the results are likely simulated, suggesting the technology requires further development before commercialisation would be possible.

Through the Made in China 2025 initiative, the country’s graphene sector is projected to generate RMB10Bn (US$1.5Bn) in annual industrial output value in 2020 and RMB100Bn (US$15Bn) in 2025. The CIAGI (China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry) expects China to eventually account for up to 80% of the global graphene industry.

Image source: Zhejiang University