Graphite: Syrah Resources inks new supply agreement with Qingdao Langruite Graphite

Mozambican graphite producer Syrah Resources has agreed a binding sales agreement to supply material from its Balama operation to Qingdao Langruite Graphite in China. The deal follows two other supply agreements arranged in November, also with Chinese graphite companies. Together, the new supply deals replace Syrah Resources’ contract with battery anode material giant Shenzhen BTR New Energy Materials, which is thought to have expired in late 2018, one year after the start up of flake graphite production at Balama.

Qingdao Langruite Graphite is a subsidiary of Qingdao Guangxing Electronic Materials which supplies graphite to a range of Chinese markets including flake graphite to refractory markets and spherical graphite (an intermediate product processed from flake graphite) to the lithium-ion battery market via anode producers. Previous deals include those with Qingdao Taida-Huarun New Energy Technology (for 20ktpy of natural flake graphite) and Qingdao Freyr Graphite (for 6ktpy of large flake graphite for 12 months). Taida manufactures a range of carbon products for use in lithium-ion graphite battery anodes, including spherical graphite. Freyr is a manufacturer of expandable graphite (produced from large size flake).

Roskill’s Natural & Synthetic Graphite: Global Industry, Markets & Outlook report was published in July 2018. Click here to download the brochure and sample pages or to access further information.