Greenfields: First Battery Raw Materials Project Report

Roskill analyst Oliver Heathman and associate Charles Cooper introduce Greenfield Battery Raw Material Projects for the 2020s report. The first of its kind, the study examines over 50 of what they describe as the top greenfield projects that could produce the key raw materials for the Electric Vehicle battery market.

Roskill’s Greenfield Battery Raw Material Projects report evaluates 53 lithium, nickel, copper, manganese, cobalt and graphite projects expected to contribute to this emerging market in the 2020’s. For each project, the report provides LOM production, cost and cash flow outlook as well as a written overview detailing critical influencing factors. In addition, the report contains market overviews and outlooks for each battery material and the market as a whole.

An understanding of these potential future sources of supply is key to identifying potential opportunities and is vital for anyone looking to invest or become involved in these emerging markets.

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