Lithium: Argentina’s Segemar signs agreement with Chinese Geological Survey

Puna, Argentina

The Servicio Geológico Minero Argentino (Segemar) signed an agreement with the Chinese Geological Survey to jointly explore the Puna region of Argentina. The joint exploration team will focus on the search for lithium resources, geothermal energy and other mineral resources associated with saline lakes in the region over a two year period.

Roskill view: The agreement to explore the provinces of Jujuy and Salta for lithium resources shows the mining industry in Argentina is opening up to greater involvement from foreign companies and entities since the end of the Kircher presidency in December 2015. China has previously been involved with lithium exploration in Argentina and the new agreement suggests that this co-operation between the two countries will continue. Not only could the exploration programme improve the Chinese Geological Survey’s understanding of salt lakes located in Western China, but also provide insight into lithium deposits in Argentina which Chinese enterprises could develop in the future either as a joint venture or independently. Though many lithium projects are already under development in Argentina, forecast demand growth for lithium, particularly from EVs, will require multiple new lithium projects around the world to be developed in addition to significant expansions at existing producers.

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