Lithium: key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference

February saw delegates join Roskill’s lithium team once again in sunny Perth for an engaging two days of conference. A host of speakers discussed topics from across the lithium supply chain; from the tenacity of new miners, the progress of project developers, along with a host of technical papers on lithium processing technologies, support infrastructure and recycling, not to mention input from representatives of government on what they’re doing to support Australia’s burgeoning lithium sector.

Jake Fraser, Battery Materials Consultant and Oliver (Olli) Heathman, Mining Research Manager for Roskill discuss the highlights and key takeaways from Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference.

Many of the presentations centered around the challenges and learnings of new producers entering the market, what is next for developers, Government initiatives and challenges faced by the entire #lithium supply chain.

Pilbara minerals, Altura Mining, WA governemt and many more were in attendance.

Roskill’s Lithium Mine to Market conference is held annually in Perth, Western Australia. Click here to learn more about this event.

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