Magnesium Metal: Alliance Magnesium moves closer to commercial production

Alliance magnesium

Alliance Magnesium (AMI), a privately-owned company based in the Montréal area of Canada, has updated the progress on financing for its magnesium project in Québec.

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AMI will produce an envisaged 50ktpy of magnesium metal from about 800Mt of serpentine tailings (23.3% MgO) generated during many years of asbestos mining in Québec, using a patented electrolytic process and hydroelectric power. Construction is to begin in 2020 with first production the following year and full production reached in 2024.

With a total price tag of C$600M, the project seems to be attracting public and private support and financing at an encouraging rate. On March 13th, AMI announced that it has so far obtained an investment of C$13.4M from the government of Québec, along with a C$12.5M loan, C$16.7M from the Japanese company Marubeni, C$12M from Sustainable Development Technologies Canada (Federal government), C$3M from Transition Énergétique Québec, and C$10M from Fondaction (a Québec pension fund). On top of that comes the news that AMI has secured a senior loan of C$50M from a US financial institution. A total of nearly C$145M has thus been raised so far.

With strong support clearly coming from government and the financial world, this project looks set to come to fruition, producing ‘green’ magnesium at a rate comparable to the existing large operations in China and elsewhere. It also marks the re-birth of the Canadian primary magnesium industry, which was largely wiped out by Chinese competition about a decade ago.

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