Nickel: Vale’s Voisey’s Bay placed on temporary care and maintenance

Vale has made the decision to ramp down its nickel mining operation at Voisey’s Bay, Canada for a period of four weeks amid the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The decision was taken as part of precautionary measures to protect the health and well being of the Nunatsiavut and Innu indigenous communities… Read more

Fluorspar: Ares Strategic Mining announces partnership with Mujim Group

Ares Strategic Mining announced this week that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Mujim Group, a fluorspar mining and distribution company. The Mujim Group has agreed to invest time and expertise in assisting Ares at its fluorspar mine project in Utah, USA. After visiting Ares’ Lost Sheep… Read more

Antimony: AkzoNobel restricts antimony trioxide use

AkzoNobel has decided to add antimony trioxide (ATO) to its list of restricted substances, limiting the levels permitted in the company’s products, dependent on factors such as solvent dispersion, product type and end use. The multinational paints and coatings producer reviews chemicals under its priority substances programme which uses a… Read more

Magnesium Metal: Alliance Magnesium moves closer to commercial production

Alliance Magnesium (AMI), a privately-owned company based in the Montréal area of Canada, has updated the progress on financing for its magnesium project in Québec. Roskill View AMI will produce an envisaged 50ktpy of magnesium metal from about 800Mt of serpentine tailings (23.3% MgO) generated during many years of asbestos… Read more

Lithium: Chile moves to vote on 3% lithium royalty bill

In a move to help grow state revenues from mineral production, a bill proposing a 3% royalty on lithium production has been presented to Chile’s lower house. The bill proposes applying the 3% royalty to the nominal value of minerals extracted for production levels of 50ktpy LCE or greater. Proceeds… Read more

Magnesium compounds: Magnifin moves towards building second magnesium compound plant

In February 2020, the Board of Directors of MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte of Austria approved preparatory work for the construction of a second plant following the completion of a feasibility study. The new plant will meet growing demand for high-purity, halogen-free magnesium hydroxide (MDH) fire retardants and make the same product portfolio… Read more