Roskill: Promoting a brighter future for Copperbelt communities

Friends of Mufulira

Creating industry leading reports and consultancy services are what we are known for at Roskill, but we also support numerous charities throughout the year. For 2019, we are undertaking our biggest challenge yet – the National Three Peaks – in support of the Minor Metals Trade Association charity Friends of Mufulira (FOM).

On the 2nd of August we will begin the challenge at the foot of Ben Nevis, before moving on to Scafell Pike and, finally, Snowdon.  Our team will tackle 23 miles (37km) of trekking and 3,064m (10,052ft) of climbing. We aim to complete the challenge within the 25.5 hours as per new safety guidelines.

Sponsor Roskill

Since the late 1920’s, copper has been mined and smelted in the Zambian city of Mufulira, the fourth-largest city on the Zambia-DRC Copperbelt. The plight of communities on the Copperbelt should be well known to anyone that has an interest in the metals industry, be that the initial mining or the array of end use products. While child mining steals most of the headlines, there is a wider impact of mining and smelting on a large population dependent on this industry for their livelihood, who live without the protection of stringent environmental regulation and proper health care, social security and education as we are used to in the UK.

FOM’s main goal is to promote health and education for the people of Mufulira, through fundraising for medical and school supplies and through visits and exchanges to fully understand the needs of the community. Every year, 2 or 3 trainee NHS doctors attend the Ronald Ross General hospital in Mufulira as part of the MMTA’s Medical Elective programme. The charity’s aim is to continue to build on this programme and, in future, offer an exchange where Zambian Nurses and Doctors can travel to the UK for study.

In recent years, a relationship between FOM, the MMTA, and Glencore has aided the establishment of a gas collection facility to capture emissions of sulphur. This system was launched in 2014 following US$500M investment from Glencore and helps provide clean air for 300,000 residents. Instead of emissions to the atmosphere, sulphur is now used to produce 2kt per day of safe industrial sulphuric acid, some of which is used for refinery electrolysis.

Every penny raised from our challenge will reach Friends of Mufulira and we look forward to contributing to a brighter future for all.