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K+S has merged its German subsidiaries K+S KALI and esco – european salt company into one entity under the new name K+S Minerals and Agriculture. K+S had already merged its disposal and logistics activities into K+S KALI in July 2019. Alexa Hergenröther, CEO of the Europe+ operating unit, and Bastian Siebert, Head of Operations in the Europe+ operating unit, are now both general managers of the new company.

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By bundling all potash, salt, waste disposal, and transportation activities in Germany into a single company, K+S is hoping to achieve a wide range of synergies in production, engineering, and logistics. Roskill production cost curves for salt show significant differences in these costs when salt assets are compared.

In 2019, six companies, each with a production capacity of more than 10Mtpy, owned a combined 25% of world salt production capacity. K+S is still the world’s largest salt producer with plants in Europe, NAFTA and Latin America. Roskill reviewed production at more than 300 salt assets worldwide during research for its 2019 report, which will be published this month. Most of the world’s planned new salt production capacity is for solar salt, a form in which energy is provided by nature for free.

The 18th edition of the Roskill Salt report, with forecasts to 2028, will be published in November 2019. Roskill will be holding its Salt 2020 conference in May 2020 in Toronto, Canada.

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