Silicon: Norwegian production cuts expected in H2 – but not from Elkem

Roskill view: Elkem has disputed industry speculation that it might cut production in Q3. Metal Bulletin suggest that trade sources had speculated that around 5kt of ferrosilicon could have been lost due to potential maintenance at the Norwegian company’s furnaces. The company insists that it has no plans to cut production in September.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Finnfjord will lose 20% of its quarterly production in Q4, owing to planned maintenance on its furnaces. Maintenance is starting in September, with work planned on all three furnaces.

Silicon metal and ferrosilicon production in Norway is dominated by Elkem, which accounts for about 75% of the country’s silicon metal output and 65% of its ferrosilicon production. Elkem’s share of Norway’s ferrosilicon output increased substantially when it purchased Fesil in 2016. The remaining 25% of Norway’s silicon metal production is attributable to Wacker, whilst the remaining 35% of the country’s ferrosilicon output is attributable to Finnfjord.

Norway has been one of the largest producing countries for silicon metal and ferrosilicon for many decades. In 2016, Norway was the third-largest silicon metal producing country after China and Brazil, with estimated output of 188kt. Norway was also the third-largest ferrosilicon producing country in 2016, behind China and Russia, with estimated output of 230kt.

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