Vanadium: Bushveld consolidates Vametco ownership

South Africa mine

Roskill view: Last week, Bushveld Minerals announced its conditional acquisition of 55% of Bushveld Vametco. Following the acquisition, the company will hold 100% of the issued share capital of Bushveld Vametco Limited (BVL) and, through BVL, will own a 78.8% interest in Strategic Minerals Corporation. Strategic Minerals Corporation holds 75% of Vametco Holdings, which has a 100% interest in the Vametco vanadium mine.

Vametco is an integrated mining and processing plant situated 8km to the north-east of Brits in North West Province, South Africa. Vametco has mining rights for vanadium and associated minerals over two areas in Brits, and operates a mine at Krokodilwaal. The open-pit mine supplies ore to a vanadium processing plant located on the same property. The company makes use of the salt roast processing method to process vanadium-rich magnetite concentrate from its mine to produce up to 3ktpy vanadium in the form Nitrovan™.

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