Cobalt Chemicals

Cost Model Service

Cobalt oxides and sulphates are consumed in an array of battery precursors and cathodes, while cobalt fine powder is used as an additive in some battery applications. Batteries now comprise the main end-use for cobalt, accounting for 59% of demand in 2019, up from 41% in 2013. Furthermore, demand from the sector is expected to enjoy double-digit growth over the coming decade owing to the anticipated demand for cobalt in various cathode formulations, especially those used in EVs.

Roskill’s Cobalt Chemical Refining Analysis is designed to provide miners, traders and other industry stakeholders with a detailed understanding of the costs involved in processing intermediate cobalt products through to refined chemicals (such as cobalt sulphate and tetroxide) and fine powder.

Service Contents

  • Overview of current cobalt sulphate, tetroxide and fine powder supply.
  • Plant-by-plant production and capacity analysis, including an outlook to 2025.
  • Detailed cost analysis, with a breakdown of the current and the potential future cost structure of the industry. Including extensive granular cost data broken down by feedstock, labour, power & utilities, fuel, reagents, other processing consumables, waste disposal, selling and G&A costs.
  • Technical appendices giving a detailed insight into the various processing flowsheets to produce cobalt sulphate, tetroxide and fine powder.
  • Access to the analysts for discussion around the service content.

12 Month Subscription Includes:
• Service delivered via Excel, with workbooks available to download from Roskill Interactive.
• Detailed production and cost analysis with forecasts to 2025
• Access to the analysts for discussion around the service content and help with bespoke queries