Cost Model Service

Roskill’s Cobalt Cost Model Services are designed to provide miners, financial institutions, governments and other industry stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the cobalt supply chain, from the evaluation of projects through to the production of battery-grade cobalt chemicals.

The product offering comprises two modules. One of which focuses on mining operations and new projects, and a second which examines the chemical refining sector and provides a granular look into the cost of producing cobalt sulphate, refined battery-grade carbonate and hydroxide from various lithium feedstocks.

Cobalt chemical refining extractive
These modules offer critical tools in the evaluation and benchmarking of existing extractive operations, new projects and downstream refineries.

Cobalt Cost Model Service – Extractive

The Cobalt Cost Model Service (Extractive) focuses on the production and cost outlook for cobalt intermediate production from copper, nickel and primary cobalt mines. It also includes capital expenditure requirements for new development projects, existing mines and assets on care & maintenance summarising to a discounted cash flow for each asset.

Service Contents & Capabilities

Comprehensive coverage of operating mines and projects producing notable volumes of cobalt.

Asset Profiles; including data on location, ownership, reserves, resources, capacity, production and detailed operating costs.
Breakdown of mining volumes (split between open pit waste, ore and underground material), ore grades, process plant throughput, recovery and production on a year‑by‑year basis.

Operating costs broken out by mining, concentrator, G&A costs, royalty payments, realisation/transport expenses and other sustaining/stay-in-business expenses.

Capital expenditure requirements for greenfield projects, brownfield expansion and care & maintenance restarts.

Resource Analysis; tools to analyse global reserves & resources.

Production Analysis; overview of current cobalt mine supply on an asset-by-asset from 2015 to 2040, providing users with the capability to build their own granular forecasts for cobalt production.

Flex Model Inputs; functionality to input custom metal prices to flex future costs curves and cash flow analysis.

Cost Analysis; industry cost curves on multiple metrics, including All-In Sustaining Cost. Asset benchmarking and SWOT analysis which enables users to better understand the true economics at play within this growing industry.

Blog; outlining the latest developments in the sector and updates to the analysis contained within the service.

Cobalt Cost Model Service – Chemical Refining

The Cobalt Cost Model Service (Chemical Refining) takes a deep-dive into the cost makeup of the cobalt chemical refining sector, and the operating cost and capital expenditure requirements for the production of refined cobalt sulphate, tetroxide and fine powders from an array of cobalt intermediates.

Service Contents & Capabilities

Production Summary; of refined cobalt chemical production and capacity between 2017 and 2030.

Asset Profile; including data on location, ownership, production and detailed operating costs on a product-by-product basis. Detailed cost analysis, with a breakdown of the current and the potential future cost structure of the industry. Including extensive granular cost data broken down by feedstock, labour, power & utilities, fuel, reagents, other processing consumables, waste disposal, selling and G&A costs.

Flex Model Inputs; functionality to input custom metal prices, sectorial inflation assumptions and exchange rates to flex future costs curves and cost analysis.

Cost Analysis; granular historic and forecast industry cost curves on a product-by-product basis.

Asset Benchmarking; for three producers or projects with like-for-like comparison of production volumes, composition and operating cost breakdown.

Summary Cost Report:

  • Overview analysis of cobalt sulphate, tetroxide and fine powder production costs.
  • Technical appendices giving a detailed insight into the various processing flowsheets to produce cobalt sulphate, tetroxide and fine powder.
  • Analysis of plant capital expenditure rates.




Subscription Includes:

      • Excel-based service, downloadable from Roskill Interactive
      • Regular service updates
      • Access to the analysts for discussion around the service content
      • Summary cost report (Chemical Refining only)