Cost Model Service

Driven by the global transition to electric vehicles, the lithium market is currently undergoing a major transformation as it tries to service double-digit demand growth over the next decade.

Roskill’s Lithium Cost Model Service is designed to provide miners, financial institutions, governments and other industry stakeholders with an in-depth analysis of the lithium supply chain, from the discovery of new mineral resources through to the production of battery grade material. This analysis is critical in the evaluation of new lithium supply, as well as in accessing the security of supply from existing sources.

Service Contents

  • Service delivered via Excel, with workbooks refreshed and ready to download from Roskill Interactive on a regular basis
  • Mine & project summary
  • Individual asset profiles, with detailed production and cost analysis and forecasts to 2030
  • Tools to analyse global reserves & resources
  • Historic production & an interactive forecast model
  • Cost analysis and custom cost curve tools
  • Service blog outlining the latest developments in the sector and updates to the service
  • Access to the analysts for discussion around the service content and help with bespoke queries

Cost Model Service

Cost Model Service — Resource analysis

Resource Analysis

Cost Model Service — Production analysis

Production Analysis

Cost Model Service — Cost analysis

Cost Analysis

Cost Model Service — Asset profiles

Asset Profiles