Sustainability Monitor

Owing to its use in high tech applications such as Li-ion batteries, lithium will play a crucial role in aiding the transition to a low-carbon economy. Driven by this, the sustainability of the supply chain experiences a greater level of scrutiny as consumers demand the uppermost environmental standards and compliance from their lithium.

Roskill’s Lithium Sustainability Monitor examines the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors facing the lithium supply chain. It includes detailed, asset-by-asset, benchmarking analysis of energy intensity, CO2 emissions and water usage of current producers and future projects, allowing the reader to gauge the green credentials or concerns for a particular asset. It also discusses the broader sustainability issues facing the industry and looks at how the industry can transition to a more sustainable footing. This can be delivered as the industry grows, refining centres expand to more geographic locations, producers switch to more carbon-efficient fuel sources, miners decrease their reliance on shipping feedstock long distances and as more renewable sources of power are introduced.

The contrast in fuel use breakdown between mineral and brine lithium supply

Roskill experts will answer your questions…

    • Which companies are the most sustainable in terms of water use and carbon emissions intensity?
    • How will future projects impact the overall emissions intensity of the lithium supply chain?
    • What are the highest energy and emission intensity production stages of an operation?
    • What impact the spodumene refining process has on the carbon intensity of lithium derived from hard rock sources?
    • How do lithium production royalties benefit local communities?
    • How will the shift in refined product demand over the next decade affect the environmental impact of lithium production?

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