Cost Model Service

Roskill’s Vanadium Cost Model Service is designed to provide miners, financial institutions, governments and other industry stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the vanadium supply chain, from the extraction of vanadium from various feedstock materials, through to vanadium oxide and onto ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrides for use within the steel industry and other applications.

It takes a deep-dive into the cost makeup of the vanadium supply chain, and the operating costs associated with the production of these various vanadium-containing products. An overview of the Vanadium Cost Model Service’s industry coverage:

Vanadium Industry coverage

Service Contents & Capabilities

Production Summary; of refined vanadium oxide, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitride production and capacity between 2017 and 2030.

Asset Profile; including data on location, ownership, production and detailed operating costs analysis including a breakdown of the current and the potential future cost structure of the industry. It includes extensive granular cost data broken down by feedstock, labour, power & utilities, fuel, reagents, other processing consumables, waste disposal, selling and G&A costs.

Flex Model Inputs; functionality to input custom metal prices, sectorial inflation assumptions and payability rates to flex future costs curves and cost analysis.

Cost Analysis; granular historic and forecast industry cost curves.

Asset Benchmarking; for three producers or projects with a like-for-like comparison of production volumes, by-products and detailed operating cost breakdown.

Subscription Includes:

      • Excel-based service, downloadable from Roskill Interactive
      • Regular service updates
      • Access to the analysts for discussion around the service content
      • Summary cost report